• Bingo Fundraising

    Security printing of lottery is in our DNA. Not only do we print and produce, we also create winning game concepts with attractive designs.

    Syndicate is the biggest manufacturer and a B2B supplier of Bingo Tickets in the world. We export these tickets to several European countries, Australia, Asia & USA.

    Bingo is an extremely popular game which is played at both large events, bingo halls and in smaller social circles. These tickets are known with different names all over the world – Tambola Tickets, Tombola Tickets, Housie Tickets or Lotto Tickets.

    Syndicate offers various kinds of Bingo Tickets:
    • Bingo 90 – 6 to View
    • Bingo 90 – 12 to View
    • Bingo 90 – Premier Series for UK
    • Bingo 75 – Free Play
    • Bingo 75 – Big Ticket
    • Bingo 75 – Boarder Ticket
    • Bingo 90 – For Holland
    • Tambola Tickets – For Asia

    Besides these, Syndicate manufactures Break Open Tickets. These are Instant Lottery Tickets mainly used for fund raising and charity events.

  • Car Park Transit Tickets

    A Range of POF and P&D ticketing solutions to meet your individual business needs are manufactured against OEM specifications. Our specialist team and state of the art manufacturing facilities ensure quality and functionality for our client's mission critical products.

    Syndicate is a qualified tickets supplier of SKIDATA, AMANO & METRIC.

    Car Park Tickets
    Car park tickets manufactured against detailed internal and external specifications for most systems. We pride ourselves on our product functionality and reliability ensuring optimum performance in the field.

    Road Toll Tickets
    Whatever your requirements, our toll ticket consumables are produced to meet your installation and system demands. All our ticket stocks can be provided in roll or fan-fold format for the specified issuing solution.

    Transit Tickets
    No matter what your means of transportation we can provide a solution to meet your needs, with tickets manufactured for rail, sea, and air transportation our products are designed and developed for high throughput applications.

  • Hospital ID Wristbands

    The patient and patient safety are at the center of healthcare. Ensuring that patients are receiving the proper care is critical in today's fast paced world.

    Hospital wristbands serve a critical role in patient safety. Hospital wristbands ensure patient safety by allowing hospital staff to properly identify each patient and ensure that they are receiving the proper treatment, at the proper time, in the correct dosage.

    Syndicate offers medical wristbands to ensure the proper synchronization of patients and treatment. These wristbands can be easily printed, so there are no delays in the patient care process.

    Special Features
    • Hospital wristbands are easily created, customized and printed using the apt software
    • The software fills all relevant label identification needs, including chart, specimen, and medications.
    • The barcodes are fully configurable and can be customized to ensure the proper identification of patients, medications or specimens.
    • Implementation reduces errors and saves time

    Patient Identification Wristbands provides superior patient safety and identification management.

  • Stationery Products

    Syndicate Group produces a range of restaurant check pads to cater the hospitality and leisure industry.

    We specialize in products that improve profitability, enhance safety, increase efficiency and promote a more enjoyable and satisfying dining experience.

    Our wide ranging check pads are suitable for kitchens, restaurants, bars, take-aways, cafes, tea rooms, hotels and even general office use.

    We are the sole supplier to a leading UK printing company. Our duplicate and triplicate books are supplied internationally to stationery retailers.

    We offer both with carbon and carbonless stationery to meet your business requirements.

  • Tickets Tags

    Syndicate specializes in the production of tickets and tags for various industries; we have over 25 years of experience in the manufacture of machines and hand issue ticketing solutions for a range of applications.

    With a direct presence in the UK, India, UAE, USA & Netherlands, and with clients spread across the globe, Syndicate is truly a World Wide supplier and solutions provider in the ticketing sector. We cater different industries and offer various kinds of tickets & tags like Redemption Tickets, Roll Tickets and so on.

    Custom-printed tags can be produced in many sizes, shapes and configurations. Added features include consecutive numbers, perforations, punches, die-cuts, tear-off stubs, computer punches for continuous feed tags and more.

  • Wristbands

    Syndicate Group is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Wristbands for over 25 years. We sell millions of Wristbands to distributors and resellers worldwide.

    • Types of Wristbands offered:
    • Tyvek Wristbands in 1" and ¾" Width (also available with Pin Feed and Detachable Stub)
    • Vinyl Wristbands in L-Shape and Wide-Face
    • Sequential and Variable Barcoded Wristbands (choose from Tyvek or Direct Thermal)
    • RFID Wristbands
    • Tyvek Wristbands on Roll
    • Inkjet Printable Tyvek Wristbands
    • Choose from our range of stocks colors & designs or have your own custom design or logo printed.

    We are competitively priced and are well recommended by our Customers. Our company has ISO 9001:2008 certification and employs stringent Quality Control practices.

    We offer world-class service, quality and competitive pricing.